Our Services

Dynamic Heliport Service

First national company specialized in the Heliports

Feasibility and site selection Heliport

  • Flight/Ground Safety Assessment
  • Passenger Ground Accessibility
  • Security Layout Assessment
  • Assessment of obstacles and buildings in the vicinity of Heliports

Regulatory compliance

  • Heliport Approval Assistance from various
    department including the General Civil Aviation
    Authority and other Authorities
  • Aviation Authorities NOC’s and Acceptance
  • Building codes and industry standards
  • Site selection and flight path design for
    new helipads

Heliport Safety Audits

  • Audit heliports with regards to UAE Civil aviation regulations compliance
  • Survey flight paths for obstruction clearance
  • Heliport Lighting design and assessment
  • Heliport markings and signage
  • Fire protection assessment

Heliport Engineering

  • Structural analysis of building
  • Modular designs in Concrete, Steel or Aluminum
  • Specialized fire protection
  • Drawings prepared in AutoCAD by registered
    professional engineers.
  • Relocation of an existing helipad
  • Design packages for ground, rooftop, concrete, aluminum or any other type
  • Complete staff of professional Engineers and Consultants
  • Installation crews and Technical Repreves for any type helipad installation
  • Complete line of heliport accessories and support

Operations manual

  • This describes heliport physical characteristics, identification, facilities, and recommended practices.
  • Assisting in Setting up Safety Management System Manual for Heliports
  • Assisting in Setting up Heliports Operation Manual
  • Development of documentation requirements and various manuals
  • Establishment of Flight Procedures Heliports
  • Engineering
  • Provide the civil work and engineering of your landing platform i.e. design, construction, assembly, equipment installation, etc…
  • Pavement of hangar floors must be designed to support aircraft loads (rigid floor).
  • Clearance must be provided between the aircraft and the door opening, walls and ceiling of the hangar.

Dynamic Heliport Service considered to be the first
national company specialized in the Heliport.